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VARAN TAVAN DARMAN has recently started its business in importing necessary horse products in to the country

with the help of qualified and well experienced veterinarians along with professional board members and trade experts.

In recent years, due to Iranians historical and cultural enthusiasm for riding, horse clubs and raising farms are experiencing a rapid grow in number.

Right now there are approximately more than 58000 equines in Iran that is quite an impressive number in comparison to other countries in Middle East .

There are also 750 horse clubs offering various equestrian sports trainings such as show jumping, polo, endurance, racing and dressage.

National and international horse competitions are also held regularly in Iran.

Annually more than 200 horses are imported from around the world in to the country and the number has risen up to well over 1000 lately.

According to improvements in Iran equestrian industry, increasing need for importing high quality medicine and supplements is inevitable.

VARAN TAVAN DARMAN  is actually a part of VARAN PARTO DARMAN company (www.varanparto.com) which is an experienced

and well known trading company in the field of medical equipment with a long history in representing reputable companies such as Varian

Medical Systems –the leader in radiation oncology based in USA- and MACROMEDICS from Switzerland.

We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price.




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